Zoltan Polgar

I'm Zoltan Polgar, a versatile software developer with 12 years of experience. At the moment I'm working for Smatrics as a Senior Java Developer, and I'm using Spring, Docker and AWS on a daily basis.

Before my current role I was working for Supercharge, where I was involved in several different projects. During this period the most used technologies were Java, Scala, Docker and Kubernetes. Right before Supercharge I was working for ChemAxon, and I developed Marvin which is a chemical editor for drawing chemical structures, queries and reactions, and earlier I was working for EPAM Systems, where I was involved in several Java and web technology related projects.

I consider myself lucky, because during my professional career I had a chance to work in various areas, such as insurance, architecture, finance, chemistry, e-mobility. I try to focus on problems instead of specific technology, so most of the time I'm happy to learn new tools, if I feel necessary for solving a task. Apart from Java I've worked with many programming languages such as Scala, Kotlin, Python, PHP, Perl, JavaScript. I also have notable experience with Android related technologies and I have a keen interest in Linux and its ecosystem, so during my free time I always have some idea for a pet project.